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Legal working group shared by French Data Network (FDN), La Quadrature du Net (LQDN) and the Federation of non-profit Internet access providers (Fédération FDN). Since December 2014.

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Privacy Shield

On going before
the General Court

The Exegetes are bringing before the European Court of Justice/General Court the deal between the European Commission and the United States government which establishes that US laws grant a sufficient level of personal data protection, despite the massive surveillance powers of NSA and others...

Legal proceedings

The "Privacy Shield" is an agreement between the European Commission and the United States government, negotiated after the previous agreement ("Safe Harbor") was repealed by the European Court of Justice ruling "Schrems". This procedure aims to invalidate the Commission's decision, directly before the General Court. It is therefore an unprecedented way to seek remedy as it may have been allowed by the Lisbon Treaty of 2009. It that sense, being deemed as having standing is in itself a crucial stake of the case. This point has not been settled by the EU judges yet and it may very well only be settled when the ruling will be published.

Our proceedings have seen a plethora of interventions:

  • By our side: UFC Que Choisir, the main French consumer organisation;
  • By the Commission's side: Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, USA, Microsoft, Business Software Alliance and Digital Europe.

To bear in mind: There used to be a parallel case done by Digital Right Ireland. It is not the case anymore.

Briefs and rulings

Links, blogs and press releases:

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